Saturday, June 12, 2010


K, so it has been a while since i blogged.  lots to catch up on actually.  first off, david formally proposed to me....and i said yes!  it was endearing and sweet and i could not be any happier!  it will still be a while before with a proceed with ceremony, but that is happening, and if you are actually reading this...YOU ARE INVITED!  

K, so today i could not get this song out of my head.  i've had it for a while now, but is severely stuck in my head.  it's off the new buzzin' fly compilation, and it's a remix by radio slave, who i absolutely love.  this song is dark and deep, yet adventurous. there is some irony there.  it is simply, yet catchy.  the track is called Dead Souls.

check it: Caro & Franck Garcia - Dead Souls(Radio Slave Long Distance Kiss_mix).mp3

because of all that is going on with my life, i feel fresh...alive. 

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  1. I read, so I'm invited (plus one), right?! Sean Patrick